Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I Can Feel the Happiness of a Farmer

To me November happened to be the harvesting season. I have harvested what I have cultivated few months back with many sleepless nights and long stressful days at work. In the month of November I became a proud farmer in the field of computing.

Last month we won an award for Dcache at e-Swabhimani - 2009 and my paper on Dcache (which was a work in progress) was accepted to be presented at eAsia - 2009 which I see as the harvest of my hard work at Lanka Software Foundation. In few days we will be releasing dcache-1.0.0-rc1 release candidate (getting ready to sell the harvest). At the same time I'm excited about the revival of my pet project Bassa (which I did for Google Summer of Code in 2007 as one of my own ideas). As of this writing I'm helping a group of 3rd year students at UCSC to complete the front-end of WS enabled Bassa server. I hope in few weeks it will be ready and running again at UCSC network taking care of everyone's large file download utilising the bandwidth effectively. I'm now thinking about releasing bassa-2.0.0-rc1 in January.

I have few ideas in distributed/parallel computing brewing in my mind for the next year. 2010 will be a time for expanding my field with 3 or 4 projects running parallel (including my MS project and a very very personal project which may lead to a social event). I will be blogging about these new projects and status of bassa/dcache and a possible integration of bassa and dcache in the coming days.