Saturday, January 02, 2010

Dalesa Web Cache (Dcache) with New Looks

Dalesa Web Cache (Dcache) got some new looks for 2010 thank to Nishshanka Sirisena's work and feedback from others. It now has a Web2 interface and some useful graphs to visualise caching activity. I have attached some screenshots below with a description.

This is the main page. In the main page you will find a host cloud which visualises the most visited hosts. Size of the fonts used to display the hosts increase as the number of hits to the host increases. In other words higher the hits to a displayed host larger it will appear.

This is one of the most crucial interfaces. The control panel; which can be used to configure Dalesa Web Cache. Here you can click on edit to add or override settings of the web cache. Once you are done just click on save button. (Both edit and save buttons are located in the bottom of the page which is not seen in this screenshot.

This page gives a snapshot of caching activities which took place in the last 60 minutes. Pink line shows the number of items cached directly from origin servers and the blue line shows the number of files cached from peers within a minute.

This page provides some pie charts that can be used to get an idea of the peer to origin ratio of the downloaded content either by number of objects or size.

You can search for content in your web cache.The image shows search results for word blogger. At the moment search only works on URLs. However in the future we will provide more search options like search by content type.

In few days you will be able to find dalesa-1.0.0-rc1 release which comes with this interface. I hope that 2010 will be a great year for Dalesa and the team as we make the web faster.