Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Packaman Fixed to Work with Proxy Servers

After installing Minix3, I tried to install software as mentioned in the manuals. However as mentioned in those manuals I was unable to get software from the Internet even though I have set the environment variable http_proxy and ftp_proxy. After checking the /usr/bin/packman I figured out that it was shell script using a tool called urlget to download software from the Internet. By looking at the urlget code which was in /usr/src/commands/urlget (which is written in C) I figured out it is written without any consideration to proxies.

The C code for urlget was well written. Therefore I was able to modify it in few hours to work with ftp_proxy and http_proxy environment variables. I have posted the patch to Minix3 tracker. You can patch the /usr/src/commands/urlget with the patch given above. Once you have done do make and make install. Then run the packman with http_proxy and ftp_proxy environment variables set, it will go through the proxy without any problem.


Yajith Ajantha said...

great..will try it as soon as i get some free really have to teach us poor people how to get around c codes.. :D keep up the good work..

cnihil said...

Is this patch still available elsewhere? On the Site you've posted the patch was removed.

Wathsala Vithanage said...

@cnihil thanks for the feedback! They have relocated their GF. Now you can get it from here